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Mayville Historical Society Collections & Collection Policy
Airplane (Midget Mustang – 1963)
Barber business
Businesses (Local)
Carriage & Wagon Industry
Cheese Industry
Cigar Industry
Clothing (Period Wedding Dresses & Suits, Women’s, Men’s, & Children’s)
Dental & Doctor Equipment
Duck Carvings by J.J. Smith
Farm Equipment & Tools
Furniture (Period Household)
Hats (Primarily Women’s)
Iron Industry
Mayville Memorabilia & Souvenirs
Office Equipment
Photographic Equipment
Postcards of Mayville & Some Surrounding Towns
Printing Presses & Equipment
Sports Equipment
Information Files
Information pertaining to Local Families, History, Places & Events
Books (Children’s, German, History, Music, Religious, Wisconsin, United States)
Mayville (Local Authors and/or Connections to Mayville)
Mayville High School Yearbooks (1918 to Present)
Plat Books (Mayville Area – 1873, 1890, 1910, 1940 to Present)
Tax Rolls (Mayville & Some Surrounding Towns)
Black & White (Some Color) Photos of Local People, Places, & Events – Current & Historic (Approx. 15,000 Photos)
1880 Dodge County History (reprint) $ 37.00
Mayville 125 Years Booklet 2.00
1995 Sesquicentennial Calendar-Mayville Info/Pictures 1.00
Hollenstein Wagon Shop Poster 2.50
Mayville Postcards .25 ea – 5/1.00
Mayville Spoon 2.00
Mayville Museums Plate 3.00
1. The society will collect items for the purposes of preserving and interpreting the history of Mayville and its surrounding area.
2. The society will collect: manuscripts, records, books, and other written and printed materials; photographs, prints, paintings, and other visual materials; tapes, recordings, and other oral history materials; equipment, furnishings, clothing and other natural, commercial, institutional, and personal objects of the past and present.
3. The society may choose not to accept items which are in poor condition, which duplicate similar items in the collection, or which are not contemporary with the time period they depict.
4. Title to all objects acquired for the collections must be obtained free and clear, without restrictions or conditions as to use or future disposition.
5. Directors are authorized to approve temporary receipt of items and recommend their acceptance for the catalogued collections to the Board of Directors.
6. Items can be permanently accepted for the cataloged collections by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or by a person or persons designated by the Board of Directors.
7. All items accepted for the collections must be cataloged.
8. All acquisitions must be recorded on gift forms signed by the donor and an authorized official of the society. Both the donor and the society will receive signed copies of the gift for their files.
9. Donations are tax deductible in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Income Tax Laws.
10. Donors are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own appraisals.
11. Because of limited space and the policy of changing exhibits, the society cannot promise the permanent display of any object.
12. Items in the cataloged collections can be disposed of by the Board of Directors.
13. In case of disposition of cataloged collections items, any funds generated will be used to benefit the society.
14. Items may be accepted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors solely for the purpose of sale or exchange, provided that the donor is informed of that purpose.
15. Loans are accepted only for a limited time period and only for the purposes of exhibition or research.
16. Loans from the society are made only for a limited time period and only to non-profit organizations of similar purpose for exhibition or research.

Adopted April 1, 1996
Mayville Historical Society
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Mayville Historical Society
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