Mayville Historical Society
Mayville Historical Society
Mayville Historical Society
The Mayville Historical Society was organized in 1968 and owns and manages this campus of historic buildings. The Hollenstein home and adjoining factory were purchased and donated by the Society in 1972 with funds donated by Ted and Grace Bachhuber. The firehouse and the cigar factory were moved here in 1978. Extensive renovation including landscaping was accomplished in 2007.
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Our History
The Hollenstein Wagon and Carriage Factory was founded in Mayville, Wisconsin by John Hollenstein, who came to America in 1869 from Switzerland, moving to Mayville with his wife Dominica Zuest in 1873. The factory was operated by the Hollenstein family on this site from 1888 until 1941.
Wagon & Carriage Factory
This former Hollenstein wagon factory houses displays of wagons, carriages and sleighs made in the factory, as well as other displays.
Brunke Cigar Factory
The Brunke Cigar Factory was
built in 1881 and was one of 5 cig-ar factories operating in Mayville around the turn of the century.
The Firehouse
Built in 1874, this original fire house was moved several times, finally coming to rest on Museum grounds in 1978.
Hollenstein House
The six downstairs rooms of the home contain antique furnishings, clothing and pictures. The five upstairs rooms house special exhibits, including vintage quilts...
Mayville Historical Society
"Looking to the future to preserve our past"
1 North German Street, Mayville, Wisconsin 53050